Skills-based Talent Management with built-in personal Passport

A Talent and Skills Management Solution associated with a Passport to Identify,Plan,Assess,Develop,Engage

Detect and identify your organization’s skills. Plan the needs, simulate the impact of the desired changes and anticipate the necessary up/re-skilling plans

Take the pulse of your organization connecting OKRs, development needs, learning content and performance

Assess skills and performance on an ongoing basis. Measure the gaps between theoretical knowledge and practice

Set up personalized learning programs and guide the development of your talents according to their goals and skills

Become a manager-coach and engage your People enabling them to share their achievements within their own skills passport

Monitor the impact of your activities, adapt your strategy and optimize your costs thanks to precise analytics

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    Step 1

    Invite your People through a simple email or through a self-positioning questionnaire and engage them in their own Skills Passport

    Step 2

    Scan and map your skills, digitalize your development processes and match them with the identified skills

    Step 3

    Connect your development processes and your learning programs and offer adaptive learning based on People's skills level and goals


    That's it!
    You can now benefit from accurate analytics to identify your talents, drive their development and optimize your learning ROI

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    Performance review

    360° feedback & assessment

    Succession planning & mobility

    Coaching & Development

    Recognition, Badges & Certification

    On-the-job learning & Mentoring

    Personalized & adaptative learning programs

    Skills identification & mapping

    Real-time OKRs & skills analytics

    Talent identification & Workforce planning

    And all the Skills Passport benefits

    Here is a simplified online example of a Skills Passport. After unlocking its content, you will be able to navigate through its tabs, tables and graphs and discover some of its features.

    This limited example does not include company-specific data such as job/project matching, learning center, development program, performance reviews, interviews management or recommendations. If you would like to discover these features, please contact us

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