How to become a Learning Organization?

How to become a Learning Organization?

The Learning Organization according to Peter Senge from SoL (the Society for Organizational Learning) :

“A learning organization is a group of people working together collectively to enhance their capacities to create results they really care about.”

SkillsBoard’s digital innovation enables the deployment of a collaborative process with strong individual commitment. This process built on continuous collective intelligence and structured artificial intelligence provides relevant HR analytics and predictive skills and learning models.

SkillsBoard takes the prerequisites of the Learning Organization and provides a digital process that allows natural engagement, reducing the number of support resources (coach, change agents) with a layer of abstraction and/or interaction with your organization, and current IT systems (HRIS, LMS…).

Skills being at the heart of the solution, SkillsBoard fosters continuous assessment and recognition, engaging each community in your own Learning Organization.