How to Implement continuous assessment & feedback?

How to Implement continuous assessment & feedback?

Continuous learning allows employees to acquire and imporve their skills throughout their entire career.

In SkillsBoard, it is easy to have a complete inventory of all the assessed skills: self-assessed, theoretical (e-learning, training) and practical (knowledge transfer, 360 assessment, mentoring, performance review).

Then, depending on the wishes and development goals, SkillsBoard builds and plans a continuous learning path, individual or collective, with personalized resources and services that will be smartly delivered to the employee through the SkillsBoard Learning Centre.

At each stage, employees will receive theoretical or practical learning activities, followed by objective assessments, based on feedback from evaluators (mentor, trainer, peer, manager) or based on tests or quizzes. Those data will continuously update their Skills Passport. At each stage of learning, the Company may also deliver a certification or issue badges to recognize employees progress.

Thus at each step of this continuous learning all communities will be fully engaged and recognized for their commitment.