*The Learning Centre*

SkillsBoard - Skills Passport

*The Learning Centre*

The Learning Centre is a place for sharing learning services and content.

It is open to the company’s existing assets and can be customized. It allows to collect, classify and distribute in an smart way all the internal and external company’s learning and assessment services (e-learning, ad hoc training, learning paths, mentoring, on-the-job training, peer learning, tutoring / knowledge transfer, 360° assessment, continuous feedback, quiz / test…).

Learning and assessment processes and content can be integrated or imported from your existing tools (LMS, Feedback / 360°, Performance Review) or directly managed within the SkillsBoard competency-based LMS.

The intelligence of SkillsBoard allows to precisely allocate learning and training to each employee according to their position, their skills or their development wishes. Each learning or assessment output is delivered back directly into the employee Passport as skills levels, certificates or badges. This fosters continuous learning and strong employee engagement.

The Learning Centre is also a place for open knowledge sharing, promoting collaborative and self-learning.

The Learning Centre is fully integrated with the SkillsBoard LMS and Skills Passport.