*The Skills Passport*

SkillsBoard - Skills Passport

*The Skills Passport*

The SkillsBoard Skills Passport is portable, universal and certifying belonging to the employee for life.

The Passport engages employees in a lifelong learning and gather all the data accumulated throughout their professional experiences in order to secure their employability.

Passport data are collected by combining collective intelligence and artificial intelligence :

  • collective intelligence connects employees, managers, HR and evaluators (trainer, mentor, peer, client, machine…) ensuring continuous assessment and learning,
  • artificial intelligence provides smart career, development and learning recommendations, fostering employee engagement and providing simple and clear support to managers in the coaching and development of their teams.

From the passport it is possible for the employee and the company to:

  • retrieve all the badges and certificates obtained
  • retrieve the skills developed and their objective level whatever the type of learning or feedback received,
  • monitor changes and progress
  • define development wishes or objectives
  • access a customized development program in the Learning Centre
  • request internal and external endorsements and recommendations
  • to project oneself by matching current skills with targeted job positions or projects

The Skills Passport is fully integrated into the SkillsBoard skills-based LMS.

SkillsBoard has made its Digital Skills Passport portable from organization to organization in line with governments’ desire to train their citizens throughout their entire working life and in line with data protection legislation. A social version of the Passport can be activated to share it with your customers, partners or contractors.

By offering a SkillsBoard Passport you engages your People in a lifelong learning process that will enhance your competitiveness and increase their employability.