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Skills Passport

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HR & Performance Management Systems need a "Skills Hub"


of companies only assess the application of training on the job and only 3% are able to evaluate training ROI


of employees willing to learn a new skill don’t refer to company LMS or LXP but ask colleagues


of managers are agreeing that aligning performance with learning should be a key priority


of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it would invest in their development

SkillsBoard is more than just managing performance!

We connect Talent Management with Skills to align performance, development and learning

1 - AI-powered Performance & Talent Management solution

Digitize your review, feedback and on-the-job evaluation processes within SkillsBoard native apps and transform any activity output into skills. You can also integrate integrate any of your existing HR solutions to feed SkillsBoard environment.

Continuous feedback

On-the-job evaluation & 360° assessment

Pulse & satisfaction survey

Performance & OKRs management

Mobility & Succession Planning

Development & career management

Learning & Development apps
Learning & Development Experience Center

2 - An auto-adaptative Learning & Development Center

Make your Learning & Development content smart and provide your People with personalized adaptive activities & content based on their skills and development objectives.

3 - A Personal & Portable Skills Passport

Empower & motivate your People by regognizing and valuing their achievements within their own Skills Passport. Engage your People into new opportunities that fits their skills and let them take control over their development and career path.

Skills Passport

Get better performing EMPLOYEES


Learn from your data

Measure in real time the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice and monitor the impact of your activities. Learn from your data and improve your workforce planning & learning strategy.

People satisfaction reports

Performance & talent analytics

Skills matrix & cartography

Skills evolution graphs

Skills gap analysis

Job & Project matching

Workforce planning reports

Make your Talent Management more EFFICIENT


Create unique development experiences and engage your People in personalized & adapted activities


Monitor gaps and performance in real time and optimize workforce planning through accurate analytics

Return On Investment

Increase your ROI by aligning your development activities with your People skills, achievements and objectives


Engage & motivate your People by recognizing and valuing their achievements

SkillsBoard benefits

SkillsBoard can do even more for your Organization